Harrods Pharmacy

Day Lewis took over the running of Harrods Pharmacy on 30th September 2013 and are still proudly serving the community in London.

Situated on the Lower Ground Floor, Harrods Pharmacy is filled with medicines, vitamins, supplements and skincare. Beyond fulfilling NHS and private prescriptions and selling medical and complementary therapies, they also have an array of in-house services:

  • Health & Nutrition Advice
  • Consultation & Prescription Services
  • Vaccination Services
  • Stop Smoking Services 
  • Weight Management Services

What sets us apart from other pharmacies is our carefully sourced selection of the best vitamins, supplements, and skin care on the market, alongside the experts that know all about them.

The pharmacy has launched several premium and exclusive products from Cordyceps Gold vials to 1200+ MGO Manuka Honey.

In 2017 the pharmacy underwent a full refurbishment to update the look and feel to match the Harrods brand.

Why Day Lewis?

Future Development

Our future plans for Harrods Pharmacy are to continue developing the pharmacy to offer more extensive premium and exclusive healthcare products and services.

Our Best Sellers

The pinnacle of our ultimate collection is our Manuka South® Limited Reserve UMF 32+ (MGO 1835), one of the rarest and most potent manuka honeys in the world, and is exclusive to Harrods Pharmacy. Sourced from a remote location in the Northland region of New Zealand, and known for its bold taste and silky texture, its among the highest-strength certified UMF manuka honey available in the world.

Our most interesting offerings is Pure Himalayan Cordyceps Gold, a supplement made from the mummified caterpillars of Himalayan ghost moths. It’s favoured by Olympic athletes across the world for its ability to build strength, stamina and vitality.